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luckiest duck around

Passport, ID & Important Black Book: Retrieved.
Ticket to Bangkok: Procured.
Classes: Rocking.
New House: Home


aha of the day

I am going to miss having bookshelves.

What do travelers do?



Did anyone else use those books growing up where you'd write letters to companies and groups to get freebies?  Well, I did.

Here's my version, culled from teh internetz and friends and such (soooo modern):

Tomato seeds (If you've "forgotten" your code, enter Code 1: P8039, Code 2: U6, select tomato)

Adorbs birds (Collect them all!)

Sub Pop sampler (tunes) (More free downloads...um, everywhere.)

Drinking (Hope this is in your town -- If so, get there reallllly early and leave early bc events are usually filled to the brim with gross.)

That oughta get you started.
Who said we're in a recession?


lost in translation - reclaiming a word

This is an event on the island where I'm applying:

The Jeju Rape Flower festival: 03.27.2009 ~ 03.29.2009, Seogwipo-si International Convention Center, Jungmun

In Korea spring comes earliest to Jeju-do Island, and by the end of February the yellow rape flowers are beginning to bloom. By festival time in April the entire island is awash with bright yellow flowers, which last for the entirety of spring.

The Jeju Rape Flower festival is one of the most famous festivals in Jeju and attracts large numbers of visitors every year. As well enjoying the wild flowers, visitors will fully enter the festive spirit with the festival’s various entertainment events.

The rape flowers you can see just about anywhere around the island. I recommend checking out one of the Halla-san trails, where you'll find some really breathtaking views.

So now, I will also think of a field of yellow flowers and festive celebrations when I hear rape.  Awesome.

today's word of the day



adjective: 1. At an intermediate state. 2. At the threshold of consciousness.

Do these people know their new year's words or what? :-)


"Not Rape" epidemic by LaToya Peterson

This is it.  The gray.  The complexity of being a girl growing up. 
Wow.  Still processing.

Chappy Cholidays,
All You Beautiful People!

Much warmth & love to you.



weather report

All I'm saying is that sitting on the 20th floor during a snowstorm isn't such a bad place to be.
The work part = meh.
The view and hardcore 'we will not be shutdown by your flakes' mentality = wow.